Prince Johann George V born on 16 February 1987 in Tützpatz in Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district is a musician, DJ, record producer, a former footballer and member of Crown of Hanover. He started on his music career in 2015-16 in remembrance to Johann Sebastian Bach. Prince Johann George V is of Basque, French and German descent. In 2019, he toured and performed live over 19 cities and 10 countries including Croatia, United Kingdom, Canada, Hungary, France, Norway, Indonesia, Spain, Germany, and United States. His music covers from electronica, pop, and all type of synthesizers with orchestra. He has collaborated with a range of artists around the world on different releases who were only released on music festivals. However, on one hand he considers himself Latino American as a consequence of being raised in United States in a Latin American community and on the other hand, he is very keen to his Jewish European roots after many trips to European countries as a child in which he rediscovered his Jewish roots.

Album “On My Way” available in all digital platforms worldwide.

From Album “On My Way”
From Album “Secrets” Out Soon
From Album “On My Way”
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Album “Eiffel” available on all digital platforms.